Web Design is a Pulsating Desire

Great design creates value, values determine the future. Do you know what makes a great design? It’s a unique mix of creativity, appropriate colour chemes, image selection, best page layouts, usability and search engine friendliness. NetCoders team has an ample of experience in designing attractive, neat, professional websites that remains unique as company goals. We always conduct in-depth research on your industry before initiating your project. Our unique Web Design architecture will compel visitors to stay on your web page by removing any sort of distraction. We ave a skilled team of UI experts to craft your experiences into user friendly Responsive Web Designs. We offer free consultation on Web Architechture for your business based on the industry trends.


Understanding client's requirements, business goals, what purpose need to be served, who is the target audience and kind of content need to be on the website is our primary focus.


Putting a plan together based on the requirements gathered and finalizing it. We create a sitemap for pages to be and organize the web flow navigation by understanding the available resources and deciding on recent technologies to be used to build your website.


From the outline worked out, wireframe is created. Working in team with web designers to create a mock-up. Tweaking the design until the layout and the structure are finally worked out with all the ideas incorporated based on the requirements. Have the writer create content related to client's business.


Once prototype is approved, web development comes in to play. Successful design, include good coding according to web standards, functional & DB connections. The content is added to ensure correct flow. Any changes needed to be made should be done during this phase. Check for complete functionality of all the links, form submissions and all functionalities implemented work in accordance to the requirements finalized.

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